Our focus as a team is to present you new and innovative ways of doing business. We are therefore led by our daily nurtured passion to provide you with the necessary services that your business requires.  These services caters for the key needs of every modern organization. They fall under the categories of office administration such as calendar management, appointment setting, email management, etc. and IT services like web design and management, Seo and social media marketing, brand management amongst others.


We as a Team have have the understanding that a good design is not how it looks and feel but rather its functionality and the serviceability is key and it is what determines the success or failure of a website.

In view of the above, we take into consideration your budget, your expectancy of good traffic due to heavy marketing, what type of support you will need for the website, how, why and where do you get email with your registered domain, how much space you do need on the web, security etc.

As experts in the industry, we provide a competitive landscape to identify key businesses in our clients space to determine which SEO methods will be effective in helping them gain the ranking advantage. We therefore perform a thorough review and analysis of clients company via a snapshot of how it is viewed by search engines and to aid identifying potential areas of improvement.

We then analyze the data to find the most relevant keywords that brings and retain the most traffic to their website and as well get them listed on the Google Map services. Send in your inquiries here and we will get in touch with you.


As talented professionals, our job as ultimate multi-taskers is to make your life easier by helping your business run more efficiently. We support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives from successful companies with a wide range of tasks.

Our various administrative services include; maximizing clients’ time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; Email management, maintaining appointment schedules and calendar, planning and scheduling of meetings, conferences, and travel, Conducting research on various topics, making travel arrangements including flight and hotel bookings, drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information; initiating phone calls on their behalf, Creating PowerPoint presentations,  Providing customer/supplier support, and other executive admin responsibilities as needed.


Our Graphics and Digital Marketing Team are ready professionally to design your logos, call cards, letterheads, brand corporate products and souvenirs,  etc. We also design, build and maintain your brands social media presence, assist is ranking above your competitors through our SEO and Social media marketing strategies.

SEO is basically the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. This involves the generation of keywords that is relevant to the type of business and its services. Thus, such keywords helps give a better ranking on search engines when it is sought for by customers. The need for search engine is to help business get a competitive advantage online over its competitors.

Our services also include opening and Managing of Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Content Creation and Page posting, Updates and Maintenance of Accounts, Page boosting, etc. Contact us for more information.


Most organizations use designed presentations as a common tool to inform their listeners, be it staff, clients, exhibitions, etc. about specific events or projects or as form of giving their audience basic information. It is also used as a tool to instruct audience on specific directions in a form of teaching or education or persuade which requires a speaker to make a sale or convince members of a particular audience to a accept proposal. Professionals also use decision-making presentations especially during communicating policies and procedures to their staff.

Our presentation programs includes PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi and Keynote. We take into consideration the audience, the location, number of attendance, the type of information shared, visuals, the level of formality, your experience,  etc.

If your business is trying to make a memorable presentation that will impress an audience, it might be time to seek the assistance of professional Presentation Specialist.

If your organization is looking up to a memorable presentation that will  impress an audience, this is the time to seek the services and  professional assistance of of ItTakes2 Consultancy.

Kindly contact us for any of our service and be rest assured that you are covered.